Audrey // Senior

I am so excited to share this senior with you!

Audrey is like a little sister to me, and I have loved watching her grow into the beautiful young woman she is today. We've been through a lot together (the way it often is with sisters) and I am so proud of the person she has become. She is strong in the face of adversity, wildly intelligent, and always kind to everyone she meets. Her laugh is contagious, and I could listen to her talk about life for hours.

This young lady is truly radiant and I love the way she exudes joy and sunshine in these photos! 

Okay, trivia time. Guess how many copies of Pride and Prejudice Audrey owns? 

The answer: ELEVEN. She has always been all about books, so I actually wasn't too surprised when she told me this! 

audrey (10 of 32).jpg

She brought her favorite edition along for her session and it just so happened that we came across a field of yellow flowers that suited her perfectly!

Oh, and there's one last thing I forgot to mention about Audrey... she's kind of a total nerd! In the best way possible. I love it so much!

By now I'm sure you can see why Audrey always brings a smile to my face! This session was so much fun, and I'm honored that I was able to capture these photos for her. This is an exciting time of growing up, and I wish her all the best as she looks at colleges and maps out the next years of her life!