The Barrs // Lifestyle

The Barr home can be described in one word: cozy. I visited this sweet family on a bitter cold day back in February, and upon walking through the front door I was greeted with nothing but warmth! I immediately felt at home, and I think you'll see why. This house is filled to the brim with love. 


It's been a month since I took these photos, and honestly, looking at them still makes me feel that same warmth. Baby Stella was three weeks old and still full of sleepy newborn snuggles. We spent the afternoon loving on her, eating snacks, and playing with toys. Just a normal day made beautiful by the hugs and kisses, silliness, love, and laughter.

Tucker was so much fun to be around! He was instantly my new best friend, ready to show off his collection of grown up sized basketballs, his favorite shoes, and the old toy car he carries with him everywhere.

He is at that stage where he is growing into a playful and intelligent personality, while still hanging onto the last bit of his baby chub -- those dimpled fingers, and the big round belly! So cute! 

Along with that playful (sometimes mischievous) sparkle in his eyes, he has such a sweet innocence about him that I just love. He truly adores his mama and baby "SISter" -- I think he spent half the day smothering them with spontaneous hugs and kisses! 

This right here is why I believe it's so important to document everyday real life. 

These are the kind of moments that happen every day for weeks and weeks... and then before you know it, big brother has grown out of his obsession with his little shoes, little sister doesn't quite fit in mama's arm like that, and suddenly they're on to bigger things. 

Even at three weeks old, sweet Stella was so alert and eager to take in her surroundings. She was so happy to stare at mama during every waking moment! 

So, SO happy to be staring at mama. 

Tucker was more than happy to let little sister take a quick nap in his bed, because that meant more one-on-one playtime with mama! The Barrs are such an active family, always making time for playing games, sports, or even just going for a walk outside! On this freezing February day, we had to get out some energy inside where it was warm. I don't think Tucker was too bothered! Look at that pure joy on his face! 

Eventually we decided to brave the cold for a little while, and Tucker got to put his big basketballs to use! He is so funny... when it comes to sports, he will only play with the real stuff! He settled for the little basketball hoop on this day, only with promises that daddy would be home soon to help him shoot on the big hoop. There is no space for children's basketball in his world. He cracks me up! 

That last little burst of playtime was enough to wear everyone out, and soon it was time to snuggle back up on the couch and wait for daddy to come home. 

I said goodbye to this sweet family and headed back out into the cold, but this day with them will stay with me for a long time.

I'm so honored that the Barr family invited me into the intimacy of their own home and shared a normal day with me. I was able to witness so many of the beautiful moments that make up their life, and I am so happy to be able to share these photos with them, and with YOU! 

I hope you will look around for some of your own beautiful moments this weekend!