Bette Jean // Personal

The meaning of my friend's name will give you a perfect glimpse into her identity, and that is how I want to introduce her today. 

Bette Jean

Consecrated to God
God is satisfaction
God is gracious
My God is plentiful

Wild and free. Creative. Compassionate. Brave. 

For as long as I have known her, Bette Jean has had a passion for victims of human trafficking. During our time together in college, she would talk about her dreams for the future, and they all involved ministering to broken and hurting people. Many people let their dreams fade as they grow up, but Bette is different. 

I remember her always being ready at any given moment to follow the next step God laid out for her life. Over the past five years, she has done just that. Currently she is on staff at YWAM Las Vegas, spending her days pouring into staffers and students, sharing the gospel on the streets, praying over strangers, and going into places the rest of us would be too afraid to step foot into. She is fearless in spreading the light of Jesus. 

Her life of ministry doesn't stop when she leaves the YWAM base, either. She came all the way from Vegas to spend a weekend with me a few weeks ago, and although we spent most of our time sleeping, watching 3rd Rock from the Sun, and eating bowls of ice cream/Nutella/pretzels, her servant's heart didn't take a break for one minute. From sharing the strength she had learned from understanding her identity in Christ, to always asking what she could do to help around the house, she was just a constant joy to be around. I would come inside from doing my morning chores, and she would be washing my dirty dishes in hot water - next to my hot stove - in my hot kitchen with no air conditioning. If you know about me and my lack of air conditioning/a dishwasher, you know that this is the way to my heart! 

Bette Jean is a beautiful daughter of the King, a joyful servant, and a loyal friend. I wish each one of you could meet her for yourself and see the light I see. For now, these pictures will have to do!

Nothing has transformed my life more than realizing that it’s a waste of time to evaluate my worthiness by weighing the reaction of the people in the stands.
— Brené Brown, Daring Greatly