Jane // Senior


Jane was my first senior client back in 2015, and she has changed quite a bit since then! With her new hair, and the new season, she decided it was time for some updated photos. I am so glad she did! This session might just be my favorite one yet.

Jane's natural beauty SHINES. She is equal parts order and chaos, lighthearted laughter and serious thinking, playful spirit and hardworking attitude. 

Some of her talents include:

  • organizing sock drawers
  • giving thoughtful gifts
  • being a shoulder to lean on
  • finding excuses to bring me Panera after work
  • leading a girls' Bible study
  • running way too many miles
  • laughing way too hard at terrible puns


There is a light about Jane that is always welcoming and warm -- if you need a friend, she is the person to reach out to. I hope she continues to grow that side of herself during the next chapter of her life. I know she will do incredible things!