A Peek Into My Office | Personal


It's a lazy Saturday around here, the kind where Derek and I wake up slow, make an extra big breakfast, and sit around the table together without rushing off to work right away. I love these days! 

On Saturdays I like to spend a little extra time in my office finishing up editing for the week, as Sundays are reserved for every bit of fall housework and yardwork we can fit in a day. Today as I looked around this room, I felt overwhelmed with gratitude and wanted to share it all with you! My office is 100% my happy place! It's half work space and half bedroom, so my two adopted puppies always follow me in and nap on the bed while I work. I hope their adorable faces brighten your day like they always do mine!

(Also: notice our engagement pictures from what feels like a lifetime ago! www.ashleywestphotography.com)

1. notice
2. savor
3. express

This is my expression of gratitude for this beautiful life. The meaningful trinkets that decorate my space, the way Teddy curls himself into a little ball to sleep, the view from my window. Theodore's never-ending fascination with every single passing car. The homemade banner that reminds me of our wedding, three years ago. The cross-stitch I made two years ago reminds me of intently working on the words, "choose joy", and also reminds me that choosing joy is, indeed, intentional work. The book on my desk reminds me that there are a thousand things to be thankful for. The list of goals taped to my wall reminds me to always keep working/trying/growing. And these two fluffballs remind me that it's always time to take a break for snuggles!

Well, I hope you enjoyed that little peek into my life. I need to go snuggle Teddy's big wrinkly face now! Then I'll get back to what I was originally working on: Liz and Tony's wedding blog! Stay tuned! 

Happy weekend, friends!