Teddy & Theo // Personal

It's a gloomy, rainy day here in Ohio, and it reminds me of the day in April when we welcomed our new puppy to the family. On his first day with us, he and Theodore played for 6 hours straight! When they finally wore each other out and decided to snuggle, I knew I had to bring out the camera. They were best friends within the first 10 minutes of meeting, and now a month later they are completely inseparable.

I think it's about time for a little look back at their first day together! 

Meet Teddy, our insanely lovable German Shepherd/Dobby mix (those ears... oh my word). Don't let his size fool you, he is still a goofy and uncoordinated baby on the inside -- and he has no problem knocking you over so he can slobber your entire face with kisses. Most days after I get home from work I end up face down on the couch or the kitchen floor, just trying not to be totally suffocated by his love. He makes me laugh daily. When he wags his tail, he shakes the entire back half of his body. When I get a glass of water, he sits so fast and makes Dory-imitating-a-whale noises until I get him some water too -- even if he just drank a gallon and a half five minutes ago. He is just the silliest, sweetest thing. 

You would never guess that he spent the first half of his life alone/sad/sick. This handsome guy is by far the biggest and happiest dog I've ever met. He is the perfect sidekick to my super gentle, sleepy, Theodore, and I am so happy they get along so well. 

We have been missing our first German Shepherd, Leo, for over a year now, and it is so nice to have two dogs playing together again. 

If you are not a dog person, you might find this post totally weird -- but I learned something when we lost our Leo suddenly to kidney failure: enjoy the moments you have with the ones you love. Even if they are a dog. I wish I had played with Leo more, noticed more of his goofy quirks, and I wish I had tried harder to remember him before he got sick. My strongest memories with Leo are of him spending a whole month dying. Because I wasn't paying attention while he was still happy and healthy, I have to try a little harder to find the memories of him snuggling with me during Christmas, or of all the summer drives we took in the truck, or his horribly mischievous way of always doing the opposite of what you wanted him to do. 

The best thing Leo taught me is to pay attention. Every day. I don't want to have to search for the good memories, I want them to always be the first ones to come up in my mind because they were the ones I always made sure to savor. 

So this "I love my dogs way too much" post is my way of slowing down and enjoying these good times, on this sleepy, snuggly, rainy Saturday evening. And what good times they are. :) Look at these handsome faces!