Drew & Jenny | Warwick Farms Stylized Wedding, Pt. 2


I am so excited to finally be sharing these images with you all! It's been a great few months of growth for me, both personally and within my business, and I am so grateful for the time I've spent learning and getting closer to my goals when it comes to photography. This wedding at Warwick Farm in Mount Vernon, Ohio was a perfect learning experience! 

If you missed part one of this day, head on over to this post to check it out! Rex and Candace were such great models, and the dresses and details in their post are to die for!! 

But today I am finally sharing the part of the day that belonged to our other amazing couple, Drew and Jenny! So many incredible details, and a newlywed couple who radiated love all day long... take a look! 

I could not get over how gorgeous these flowers were -- it seemed like the whole farm was covered in rich florals everywhere I looked. It was a romantic girl's dream! 

The flowers didn't stop there! Flowers on a romantic teepee, in Jenny's hair, and even on the cake. 

This is one of the sweetest ideas I've seen for seating charts. It fit perfectly with the natural feel of the day, and was essentially a big statement piece while also serving a practical purpose. I loved it! 

How cute is this little drink station with hand-lettered signs!?

After an afternoon of exploring the grounds, we made our way back up that first hill to catch the sunset... and what a glorious sunset it was! The soft, warm light was such a perfect ending to a beautiful day. These are my favorite images of Drew and Jenny, because after hours of traipsing around a farm on one of the hottest days of the year, they could still stand in front of us and exude nothing but pure love for each other. Their soft smiles that would emerge every time they looked into each others eyes, those smiles said it all. The warm light and the adorable sheep were just a nice bonus. 

In conclusion, Warwick Farm is a place I desperately wish I lived down the road from... I would pack a picnic and a good book and walk there just to spend the day lying on the hillside, or watching sheep frolic in the fields, or reading on a blue tree swing. There is such a natural sense of peace and beauty to this place, and I hope that I'm lucky enough to go back sometime soon. If you are searching for a wedding venue, give this place a look!


This post wouldn't be complete without sharing all of the amazing vendors who made this day possible. A huge thanks to Caitlin of Cait Rose Photography for putting it all together! 

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Venue owner & florist
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Sue Renner:
Chalkboards, handwritten event signs, & more
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Pat Warthen
Prop rentals & Event stylist
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Sarah Martin
Hair stylist
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Jessica Dunham
Make up artist
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White of Dublin
Wedding gowns
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Brooke Phillips
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Kate Carpenter
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Kimberly Barnes
Handmade macrame
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Eugene Robinson
Venue Organizer
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